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'A History and Genealogy of Badley Suffolk' by Mike Durrant
was launched after the Harvest Festival in 2005 at the Church. 

The book is now  £5 (was £25) when available at the Church services.

Let me clear up some comments made  on other web sites relating to this Church.
IT IS NOT St. Mary's-in-the-Fields and it is NOT HAUNTED 

but is  picked up by others as being a statement of fact.
The Church IS open at weekends and Bank Holidays (0900 to before dusk)
The key is available at other times as per notice at start of driveway, or by emailing me,
email-addy , or by the notice in the Church Porch.

Previously services have been held on the second Sunday in September and in December

Tea or Coffee will be provided to all Church attendees.  

SATNAV users please note: you can now use the post code IP6 8RU for the Church 

 Badley Green Farm has now been given an IP14 post code, 
 leaving the Hall and Church with its own original post code.

CandleLit Service

Sunday December 10th 2017 @ 3:30pm

Harvest Festival  on Sunday, Sept. 9th '18

Church Pictures now available

History of Badley Badley Boundary Walk Lost Church Brasses
Etheldreda Conservation area, Badley Church Pictures
Badley Pictures My Location Family History
Paper Mache CandleLit Service 2012

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Not Interested :- in any sports other than  GP Motor Cycling

Where: East Anglia, which is the lump that sticks out of the eastern side of the UK. Virtually in the centre of Suffolk, on the edge of a small town (was on A45) with a population of some 5000 inhabitants (based on approx. 2000 properties). Surrounded by open countryside, within sight of the A14 (was A45), the major route from Felixstowe to the Midlands

Self :- Early Retired (but now an OAP). Spending too much time and effort on the Computer and the Internet.

Updated 16th August. 2017

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Lost Church Brasses. - - -

ISS - International Space Station - - -

Badley Boundary Walk - - -

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it has been put like this to stop email spam harvesters getting the address.

Family History - - -

Conservation area - - -

Paper Mache - - -

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